The beef devon derived from the same strain of cattle (the American Milking Devon) that arrived in colonial America in 1663. These Devons was previously classified as a triple-purpose breed but over the past half century, however, the breed has -- through selection -- evolved as a beef-type breed which is registered and promoted by the Devon Cattle Association, Inc.

We like the practical size of the Beef Devons as they have enough size to be profitable without the excessive maintenance cost of the larger commercial breeds. Our bull Gryffon’s Aerie “Lafitte” is the foundation sire of our beef devon herd. His sire is undoubtedly the most popular beef devon in history “Rotakowa 688.” Lafitte was bred by a collaboration of the top beef devon breeder in the country and a renowned geneticist specializing in the beef devons. He has produced our finest beef steers and his daughters have gone on to be outstanding mothers. Not only do we appreciate his superior qualities many of our competitors in the natural, grass-fed beef business have used his services. He is pictured here at his retirement home in Somerset, Virginia.

Like the American Milking Devons, beef Devons are active good "walkers" and are excellent rustlers and grazers. In England, they are known as "the Beef Breed Supreme at Grass." Their ability to efficiently utilize grass and other forages has heightened their popularity in areas like southern Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.