This is considered to be one of the oldest breed of cattle in existence today. They first arrived in the United States in 1623 from Devonshire, England. The colonists used them for beef, dairy and oxen. At Gryffon’s Aerie we use them for all three disciplines preserving their triple purpose qualities.

They are red in colour varying in hues from a rich deep red to a light red or chestnut. Hence, their nickname the “Ruby Reds.” Their docile temperaments make training oxen and cows for milking relatively easy.

The cattle are raised on pasture from birth to finish. They are moved to fresh pastures daily and are rotationally grazed with other species. We never use herbicides or pesticides on the fields.   

They are excellent “walkers” which make for superior grazers and their ability to utilize grass and other forages is remarkable. This heritage breed is what sets Gryffon’s Aerie grass-fed beef apart from all others.