Milking Devon and Beef Devon cattle, Tamworth pigs and Cotswold and Karakul sheep all grazing on gently rolling hills, sounds like centuries old farmstead. This is what you will discover at Gryffon’s Aerie in Whitehall in Historic Albemarle County.

The farm was established in 1999 and our goal was to raise the best possible grass fed beef and lamb as well as natural pork without harmful hormones and unnecessary antibiotics.

Over the years we have discerningly bred our heritage breeds of livestock to meet the highest breed standards. Today we have the largest herd of purebred American Milking Devon cattle along with over twenty purebred Tamworth sows.

Raising our livestock in a humane manner was a top priority along with producing the best possible grass fed meats. Through selective breeding of heritage breeds exclusively and grass feeding only, to our unique dry-aging process and detailed butchering we have created this one of a kind artisanal product that James Beard chefs tout as some of the best meat available in the country.

Our butcher has been selected because of his knowledge of grass-fed beef and the necessary dry-aging process. He excels in unique cuts that chefs admire and home cooks appreciate.

As members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and the American Milking Devon Cattle Association, it is our task to protect the genetic diversity in livestock as well as preserve the integrity of heritage breeds.